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    Copper relief is a common form of copper carving. There are a variety of architectural designs. Some buildings engraved with copper relief not only look beautiful, but also improve their taste. However, it is different from general bronze carvings. It is mainly expressed in the form of murals, and its artistic value is very high.

    Ancient story copper relief is a copper carving product. Copper carving adds scenery to everyone's city, improves the taste of our city and enriches our life. Ancient character copper relief murals are suitable for placement in campuses, squares and other places. Being placed on campus contains great potential educational significance; Placed in the square, it has the characteristics of publicity and so on.

    Ancient story relief is also a kind of Chinese culture, and has deep cultural connotation and cultural attribute. The art of relief integrates many creative techniques and concepts in the field of pure art. The art of copper relief is not only a simple appreciation, but a cultural form closely related to the politics, economy, religious beliefs or other customs in various periods.

    Copper relief is an ancient Chinese culture and art. It introduces advanced European technology and technology. It is an advanced handicraft after long-term research. It is closely combined with the culture with local characteristics in content and form. It has the characteristics of fine workmanship, realistic image and strong three-dimensional sense. The selection of materials for copper relief is close to real life and shows people's thoughts and aesthetics, Relief technology is widely spread among the people.


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