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    Most people should know that the earliest tripod was made of clay. People used it as a cooking utensil for cooking meat. In the slave society, with the bronze tripod, how did the bronze tripod change from a cooking tool to a later symbol of the royal power?

    隨著國家的變遷、社會制度的變化以及文化的發展,鼎器的作用也在發生變化。 早在夏朝時就有有關鼎的傳說。傳說夏禹曾收九牧之金鑄九鼎于荊山之下,以象征九州,并在上面鐫刻魑魅魍魎的圖形,讓人們警惕,防止被其傷害。正是由于禹鑄九鼎這個傳說,鼎就從一般的炊器發展為傳國重器,象征著國家政權,國滅則鼎遷。

    With the change of the country, the change of social system and the development of culture, the role of tripod ware is also changing. As early as the Xia Dynasty, there was a legend about Ding. It is said that Xiayu once collected the gold of Jiumu and cast Jiuding under Jingshan mountain to symbolize Jiuzhou, and engraved the figures of demons and monsters on it to make people alert and prevent them from being hurt. It is because of the legend of Yu casting nine tripods that the tripod developed from a common cooker to a national important one, symbolizing the state power. When the state was destroyed, the tripod moved.


    The possession and use of the bronze tripod is one of the symbols of the difference in status. In the Zhou Dynasty, there were so-called "nine tripods for the emperor, seven tripods for the princes, five tripods for the officials and three tripods for the scholars of the Yuan Dynasty". The reason why Ding is valued is because of its exquisite workmanship and high historical value. The tripod cast by the imperial palace is vigorous and powerful in lines, delicate and graceful in shape, and it depicts a magnificent and exquisite picture.


    The bronze tripod is not only used to offer sacrifices to the ancestors of heaven and earth, but also a measure of status in the funeral system. For example, the burial system of the Western Zhou Dynasty clearly stipulated that the emperor's nine tripods and eight tripods, the princes' seven tripods and six tripods, the officials' five tripods and three tripods and two tripods, which formed a set of strict patriarchal rites and music system, also known as the "lieding" system. According to the legend, there are stories about Dayu casting nine tripods to settle the world, King Zhuang of Chu seeking the Central Plains and King Huiwen of Qin seeking the tripod. There are also idioms such as a gentleman's one word nine tripods, tripod tripod, Zhong Ming Ding Shi and so on. After the spring and Autumn period, the feudal states acted on their own, and the lieding system prevailing in the Western Zhou Dynasty was violated. In the Han Dynasty, people regarded the bronze tripod as a sign of auspiciousness. Because Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty got the tripod above Fenshui, he changed the year name to Yuan tripod.


    The tripod vessel is also a ritual vessel for honoring merits and recording achievements. In the Zhou Dynasty, emperors or princes and ministers were required to cast tripods to record the grand occasion during major celebrations or awards. Etiquette and custom still have a certain influence. Sometimes the tripod becomes an indispensable part of some important celebrations held between countries or regions.


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