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    Statues, especially figure sculptures, are popular works of art that can best show a social and cultural atmosphere. Standing in front of the statue, you don't have to worry about the language not communicating, and you are not afraid that it will hurt you with words. In fact, the silent statue can tell you a lot. Through the author's chiseling, you can imagine the era it lived in and "listen" to it tell the past and history.


    The folds on the costumes of the figure sculptures are very lifelike, such as fake. These soft and beautiful sculptures are so lovely and elegant, but they are not weak because of the texture of their bronze materials. As a result, the works as a whole show a kind of "can be seen from a distance, can also be near to enjoy, but not to play" sense of purity.


    Sculpture, like painting, is also about composition, whether the dynamics presented in sculpture are comfortable, and whether the swing of various parts is reasonable, which are very important. Many sculpture works are weak because of the artist's own skills, so the works created will be soft and have no sense of strength. Looking back at the works of previous masters, they can feel the sense of strength from human muscles at a glance.


    The aesthetic style or sense of beauty of sculpture works includes not only the beauty of external senses caused by external forms, but also the inner, spiritual and spiritual beauty of art realized through external forms. A real sculpture master's works can be impeccable, and even prove the Internet saying "they have been imitated, but never surpassed."


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