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    The connotation of Guan Gong belief also changes with the changes of the times. In feudal society, the reason why Guan Yu was granted by emperors from generation to generation was that the spirit of loyalty and righteousness he represented met the needs of rule. How did Guan Gong's belief change? Hebei Zhongzheng copper Guangong factory to tell you some questions about Guangong!


          In fact, Guan Yu is just a tool to publicize loyalty culture. Guan Yu is the embodiment of loyalty culture, the goal and example of inspiring and inducing people of all classes and classes to learn. By creating a public opinion atmosphere of Guan Yu's worship, we can form the value orientation of everyone learning from loyal officials and being loyal officials in the society, restrain the negative influence of "infidelity" factors in the society, and make the majority of social members accept loyalty culture education imperceptibly.


         This way of "education" is obviously much better than empty preaching and hard indoctrination. With the revival of heguandi temple, the majority of the people worship and worship Guan Gong. It is interesting that Guan Gong also occupies a place in Lhasa, Shigatse, Shannan, Gyangze and other places in Tibet where almost all the people sincerely worship Lamaism. In the shops of bakuo Street on the left in front of the Jokhang Temple, there are red faced statues of Guan Gong in different shapes.


         The existence of Guan Gong belief is not isolated and accidental, but is closely related to the comprehensive social and cultural background. It must be created by people in a specific historical period. Once it is created, it will have its political, ethical and psychological functions to meet the needs of society.


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